Turning Points for Children

YVLifeSet helps Jamyra achieve her goals

Jamyra was on her way to becoming just another negative statistic — a former foster child who failed to become an independent adult. But, just when the young woman needed help most, Turning Points for Children partnered with Youth Villages to bring YVLifeSet to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

System Impact

Partnership with DCS leads to changes in Tennessee’s child welfare services.

By partnering with public agencies and private providers, Youth Villages creates effective, research-based interventions for youth and families. We seek to improve the lives of others by training on specific service models, scaling best practices, pursuing innovation, informing policy and giving a voice to those we serve.

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Our Partners:

When high-quality non-profit organizations and public agencies partner with us to implement the YVLifeSet and YVIntercept program models, we provide technical assistance in implementation planning, initial and ongoing training, and administrative, clinical, and outcome evaluation support.

Our partner network contributes to promoting best practices nationally and advocates to strengthen local and federal policies for transition-age youth.

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Helping Families Stay Together

The Youth Villages Intercept in-home services program provides treatment to troubled children and families in their own homes at times convenient for the families.


Helping transition-age youth become successful adults.

It is one of the only programs to show positive impacts in many areas of a young person’s life in a large randomized controlled trial.